11 reviews for Bibb Butterhead Lettuce

  1. joelandsabrina6973

    I hv never tried Butterhead Lettuce befor im very excited grow this in my garden

  2. Sabrina

    I hv a small space to were I had to garden in bukets but every thing is growing good I love my seeds and the trifecta is helping out a lot

  3. Christina

    Delicious and crisp lettuce. Great for container gardening.

  4. Valerie Howden

    Performed very well in our hot spring and summer… not bitter until it bolted. Fall planting in the works.

  5. Mike Minicucci

    Beautiful, small, well formed heads. Grows back after being cut – if cut correctly. Stores well.

  6. jessejanecopper

    absolutely delicious, we cut and come again and have some at dinner every night.

  7. hjhumphrey17

    I was disappointed that these were bitter in taste for me given the description. I did grow them in the summer (pretty mild and wet) but I was hoping for non-bitter greens. I learned my lesson and will only plant these in the spring or fall from now on.

  8. John W

    The lettuce did well through early summer. Taste good. Does good in a grow bag.

  9. kalauing

    These we slower to grow for me than other varieties, but also slow to bolt. Good flavor.

  10. ourlife767

    slow to bolt but a great flavor, i love it in my salad mixes i make to take to lunch at work.

  11. asia.gregg

    Great germination, fast growing, low maintenance, delicious taste. These are a no-brainer. They’re a part of my salad garden every year.

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