17 reviews for Arugula Slow Bolt

  1. Joseph S

    Fast growing, great tasting, growing well in my poly-low tunnels during the winter (cold hardy.) Germination rate seems to be 100%

  2. Pawat

    Best arugula I have ever grown so far. Great germination rate, grow just about anywhere, good tasting. They even survived winter outside here in zone 6.

  3. Mumbai Balcony Gardener

    Been growing this last 2 years, excellent germination , fantastic peppery taste , grows well in our hot humid Mumbai weather , in fact
    one of the only greens that grows so easily and does not bolt .

  4. Melody Rubianes

    I live in zone 9. Great germination rate, great tasting. I will be planting this again.

  5. Michelle McGuire

    Amazing taste and very cold hardy!

  6. Thanh

    Arugula is my favorite leafy green because it have a slight earthy peanut-like flavor. I actually go for the larger older leaves, steaming very slightly bring out the flavor and reduces the spiciness making them a lot more edible.

  7. geekgurl01_s

    I’m in zone 8b and this arugula did very well for me last year. It had a great germination rate and excellent flavor. I’m growing it again this year and recommend it to everyone.

  8. nixscot@charter.net

    Great germination rate. Used the high density method. Will definitely plant again.

  9. sekeys

    This is the only arugula I’ll plant from now on. I can’t believe how big the leaves get! My first planting is finally bolting after planting at the end of May. We’ve been succession planting and harvesting regularly (along with the ruby red leaf lettuce and mizuna greens – also amazing!) for fresh summer salads, and even as the first crop is now bolting the flavor is super tasty and spicy, which is how arugula should be. 🙂 I’m in the Pacific Northwest, zone 8b

  10. jessejanecopper

    very yummy, great germination, it may just be because i live in Texas but it bolted pretty quickly. even bolted i still add it to my salad, but i have also started some more to keep on my porch in the shade so it should be fine.

  11. lyonsashley267

    Interesting peppery flavor. Not sure that I’ll plant it again.

  12. blueagainlikemorning

    Very tasty and fast growing, but alas no slower to bolt than my regular greens. Don’t plan on much of a season extension through the summer!

  13. Daniel Singleton

    Had an ok germination rate, probably my fault. I got the packet wet and had to plant it all quickly and directly into the garden. This is definitely out preforming another arugula I had planted earlier and less densely. it’s got both a sweet and peppery flavor that I love and I’ll usually pick a leaf or three in the morning and eat in the garden while I’m walking around. Already ordered more.

  14. Tesa Hamilton

    Very impressed with germination rate. Used a cut and come again method for harvesting. Leaves were larger than expected and grew back very fast. Did fairly well handling the heat of Savannah, Georgia, zone 8b. This is my new go to for planting arugula!

  15. josephmajora

    Love the nutty flavor.

  16. ilfstara

    So awesome! Germination was a bit low, could have definitely been operator error. Plants are delicious, robust and very cold tolerant, they outlasted almost all my other greens and were always delicious, not too spicy and never tough. Highly recommend this arugula

  17. blueagainlikemorning

    This bolted much quicker than my other greens, ironically. It’s a good tasting arugula, but I was disappointed that it doesn’t live up to its name.

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