13 reviews for Ruby Red Leaf Lettuce

  1. Michelle McGuire

    One of my favorite main salad greens. Grows very well!

  2. marymonk

    Excellent! It outlasted all other lettuce in the hot Louisiana summer. It had no bug pressure at all! I can’t say enough. I direct seeded and it germinated beautifully!

  3. jaydee818

    High germination rate even when I only used our sunny SoCal South-facing porch in mid-winter as my nursery. Very pretty color – a mix of maroon and green. Seems to grow slower than my Simpson lettuce (which is actually a good thing) and is slow to bolt in the heat.

  4. zlwilliams_35254

    I cannot say enough good things about this lettuce. I direct sowed the seeds last fall and it germinated pretty quickly. It grew pretty fast and is still going. It made it through the Philadelphia winter and continues to produce going into June. The leaves get pretty big if you let them grow for a while,which I like to do so I can use them as wraps for sandwiches. Also, even though it is older now, there is no bitterness in the taste. It is a great lettuce and I will continue to grow it.

  5. Valerie Howden

    beautiful in salads. no bitterness in our early heat but I think the slugs have finally found them.

  6. sydney1410

    At first I wasn’t very impressed with this variety … seemed slower growing, the leaves were close on the stems for harvesting (I pick the leaves off and leave the stem to continue producing leaves higher). But then the heat hit and it was still growing without bolting! It held up well while harvesting, washing and packaging for market. Leaves were so big they could have been used for lettuce wraps. Flavor was ok but I’m not great for taste testing. Customers seemed to love it! High summer it did struggle but is still proving its value.

  7. nappen1

    My absolute favorite lettuce from MIG so far. Grew very well, throughout the winter in San Antonio. I brought it in for the one hard frost, but then right back outdoors. Did cut and come again and the plants lasted a few months before finally bolting this summer. Very tender and the better tasting than any store bought, for sure.

  8. bouncerdjwife

    One of the prettiest lettuces I’ve grown so far. They germinated so quick and are little seedlings at the moment. Started inside with the rest of all my salad greens.

  9. arouramc

    Growing in 10″ pots during late summer/early fall, it does well in our moderate heat (low to mid 80’s). Zero pest or disease issues, beautiful red leaves with a mild, almost nutty flavor. Excellent germination and growth rate.

  10. lyonsashley267

    tasty and beautiful

  11. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  12. scenestra

    Another perfect lettuce, so pretty and tastes pretty good s well!

  13. ameliamckenna17

    First year growing lettuce! So far it has almost all popped up and looks so pretty and cute! Can’t wait for these babies to get bigger

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