12 reviews for Red Giant Mustard

  1. Dawn

    All of my seeds came up and the plants are doing well so far.

  2. carshenanbain

    A garden buddy of mine shared these seed with me and the germination was excellent and thr taste is even better!

  3. Michelle McGuire

    Strong pepper taste, amazing color, and grows well.

  4. Dayna

    High germination rate and strong grower, even in cooler temps. I planted several types of seeds outdoors at the same time and these mustards are by far the strongest growers. They produce stunning purple leaves that grow like weeds.

  5. Brettmm92

    I’m in zone 7b and this has quickly become a garden staple. It both looks and tastes great. Adds nice color to the garden and any meal. It’s stupid easy to grow.

  6. jaydee818

    Grew these for the first time over the winter. They grew really fast and HUGE! Giants, indeed. Leaf stalks as long as my forearm. As they are mustard greens, the leaves does have a bite to them. They were a bit too spicy for us to use in salads but when they are sauteed in olive oil with garlic and mushrooms, the flavor mellows out into a nice unique taste. Kinda like a stronger bokchoi taste. I also love the pretty color!

  7. drawzalot

    growing well with few bug holes

  8. scenestra

    These things are stunning, I cant tell you what they taste like I don’t have the heart to cut at it since its so pretty in my indoor grow space and makes me happy just being there.

  9. seemabiotech83

    Eye-catching purple leaves. A delightful change from the regular green mustard leaves. The leaves are big, though mine is not as big as expected. May be more sun and some compost would show better result.

  10. asia.gregg

    This is by far my favorite mustard green. Produces giant leaves which go perfect on sammiches and in salads. Also it’s GORGEOUS.

  11. teresacarstensen

    These were easy to grow and survived the winter quite well in a cold frame.

  12. lamoureux.6697

    Beautiful cannot beat the colour

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