18 reviews for Rainbow Swiss Chard

  1. Emily Waala

    The first time around only 3 out of 5 germinated. I planted 2 more seeds in place of the ones that never sprouted and they germinated, no problem! The hot pink ones are stunning!

  2. yvette

    I love it , even though the germination rate is 80%. I’ve had problems to transplant these. So i think direct sowing is the best option.

  3. Michelle McGuire

    Beautiful and delicious.

  4. hotbutt87

    Haven’t tried eating yet. Actually only purchased because of the fabulous colors. Started 4 seeds which all came up to my surprise (1st time growing any chard) will plant the rest of packet this spring.

  5. Darren Lind

    Nearly 100% germination and healthy vigorous plants that stood up well to the cold this fall. Beautiful also

  6. ragersteph

    Easy to grow in DFW Texas in containers spring, summer, fall so far. We have mild winters so I’m pretty sure they will stick around with the but an come again method. Beautiful addition.

  7. amybreland02

    Great germination rate and some what perrenial in 9b! Im loving it and the surprise each plant brings!

  8. tresrottn

    All of my chard have germinated and grow so beautifully. It’s always growing in my garden now. Seriously, I have all the colors still growing from last year we had a bit of snow this winter, I had tossed a tarp over the raised bed and didn’t think much of it, but they survived and keep on growing. I use the leaves in salads, I use it almost exclusively for cooking, I hardly use spinach anymore. They are so beautiful, bright, hearty, and saute in butter so well.

  9. annev7

    The best swiss chard I’ve grown, great germination rate and mine were pretty heat tolerant. We had a very hot June and July this year which bolted my lettuces really quickly, but these did great in my tower garden, still harvesting towards the end of August. Pretty colors and delicious eaten raw or cooked.

  10. candace.elder.8289

    Beautiful swiss chard!

  11. leela.dreamhome

    Zone 9b, Central Valley California: Mild Winter/Hot Dry Summer
    Beautiful! Crisp, sweet, and tender. Thrives in all seasons. Germinated and chugged along in August’s scorching heat, flourishing in late autumn:
    Day 60s–Night 30s

  12. bbirdnow

    Zone 5B Iowa. Survived large hail damage on April 7 and the Derecho on August 10. The plant that just keeps on giving. The stems are pretty too.

  13. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  14. lindsayclark09

    I planted this in a raised bed in early spring and it produced all through our Michigan summer and up till winter. It was a beautiful plant and a conversation starter as well. Very impressed and we will grow this again!

  15. lammeri

    Did amazing through the summer and winter. Love the variety of color it brings to my garden.

  16. lamoureux.6697

    So beautiful love the colours. Hated to remove them from the garden . I got a late start last year so not as big as they could of been. Will get an early start this year.

  17. shannonsweeley

    This is my first year growing and eating chard. I can’t get enough. I have since stocked up on the seeds. (zone 9)

  18. littlebaygoat

    Very beautiful coloring and very easy to grow.

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