5 reviews for Orange Swiss Chard

  1. sbsnider1104

    This Swiss Chard is amazing! We started this swiss chard last fall (August) and it grew under our “hoop house” through the winter and is still giving us delicious chard! I was so impressed with the growth and color of this plant! If we leave them on the plant they have gotten as long as my arm with a bright orange color! Swiss chard will always be in our garden now! Thanks MIgardener!

  2. bladeddragon

    I planted this about a month ago, direct into compost with peat and black soil. Had about 50-70% germination and have been harvesting for about a week. My lady and friends rave about it.. My lady did not even want me to plant chard this year after last years fail but well its doing great.

  3. Valerie Howden

    great growing after I replanted this year in fresh potting soil in a pot away from raised beds (+ their flea beetles). loving the seedlings from thinning and the colour is refreshing in a salad. looking forward to harvesting thru to the fall.

  4. nappen1

    We love chard and this is no exception. Moderately fast germination and seemed a bit slow growing, but once it goes, it stays. Can cut and come again for quite a while.

  5. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

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