4 reviews for Okahijiki Saltwort *RARE*

  1. ilfstara

    This grew so easily and is doing so great in my crazy NE Mass weather! Lots of humidity, many days above 90ºF and not a lot of rain this summer. I’m very impressed with the explosive growth and how lovely it is. It seems to be completely unbothered by pests – of which I have many this season – including woodchucks. They ate them down to the ground when the seedlings were a few inches high, but they sprung right back and have had explosive growth. My only complaint was that I was looking forward to the salty aspect, but – while these have a great crunch – they are basically insipid, less flavor than iceberg lettuce. I may interplant these next year as a delightful ground cover to help retain soil moisture.

  2. blueagainlikemorning

    As described! This is very much not a salad green, and more of a spice/seasoning – it’s lovely and salty, like the ocean, and delicious in stir fries. It took a while to germinate in the spring (I’m zone 7a) but grew without any pests or problems.

  3. ourlife767

    very good germination

  4. pennygrabber911

    I don’t plan on growing another garden without planting some saltwort. It was planted in our school community garden last year in SW Idaho, where summer weather is hot and dry. It instantly became one of my favorite stir-fry vegetables. It has a mild flavor but adds stunning uniqueness to the dinner meal. It’s also great for bringing variety to a salad mixture. Last year’s experiment became one of this year’s demands!

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