8 reviews for Oakleaf Lettuce

  1. Ethan

    if you can get over the idea that you are eating lettuce that looks like the tree leaves all around you then this is a great lettuce. heat tolerant and I have had great results growing indoors with kratky hydroponics.

  2. John

    Reliable and quick germination, they Kratky well, and is quite tasty. I’m a fan!

  3. Angelle Glover

    I live in southeast Texas and this variety did well there. Like Ethan said it is quite heat resistant, which is great for the south. I grew it in a pot, sown heavy, and trimmed the tops in the spring. This fall I’m going to add it to raised beds.

  4. Chasewildermuth213

    A productive plant, and very easy to grow for beginners like me!

  5. Valerie Howden

    love the look and taste o this easy to grow green. no problems to speak of.

  6. heim_chris

    Heat tolerant and good tasting. Planning on trying to grow it year round I hope.

  7. lyonsashley267

    Good taste

  8. bbirdnow

    Zone 5B Iowa. Shape adds visual interest and tastes good too!

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