12 reviews for Mizuna Red Streaks Mustard

  1. Pawat Seritrakul

    Unique looking and great tasting, almost nutty salad green. Great for garnish.

  2. Michelle McGuire

    Great in salads for texture, color, and peppery taste.

  3. Valerie Howden

    Grows very well even with flea beetle attacks. Love in mixed greens salade.

  4. ilfstara

    So happy with these, excellent germination rate, beautiful plants and soooo delicious with that mustard kick! Not too spicy and a great texture.

  5. ronald.cooks

    Seeds germinated quickly and the plants are coming along nicely. Very happy with the quantity of seeds. Thank you very much, MIgardener!

  6. waters92780

    Planted for my fall garden and has done very well!

  7. ilovebugs08

    Excellent salad green. Frillier than normal minzuna, grows and tastes similar to the green version, but cabbage moths don’t seem to like it as much

  8. Monique

    These plants taste just like mashed potatoes and are a family favorite. The kids pick some to snack on while walking through the garden.

  9. scenestra

    Its good and going and looks healthy , I was afraid it would be spicy, but it seems tame enough for now

  10. ilfstara

    Delicious. Incredibly prolific, we kept picking and they kept leafing. Beautiful and tasty, milder than traditional mustard greens, but still have that great sharpness interspersed with sweetness. Towards the ends of the season, they had reseeded themselves and we had a second crop of baby greens in the late fall. Bees love the flowers

  11. keifferr12

    started a planter indoors. growing good. Tastes good. love the color contrasts.

  12. lamoureux.6697

    Beautiful and productive

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