5 reviews for Large Leaf Sorrel

  1. Michelle McGuire

    This is an amazing green! I’ve been singing it’s praise to anyone that will listen. Grows like crazy and is a perrenial.

  2. nixscot@charter.net

    Wonderful! Great germination rate. Delicious.

  3. Valerie Howden

    Germinated well but our spring was more like a summer and the heat has continued. Trouble getting it to grow past one inch in height. To try again in fall with cover to reduce extra heat if present.

  4. Valerie Howden

    now coming back every year in the spring and is surviving early heat and humidity. pruning to keep the seeds from self sowing everywhere. pests don’t seem to like it which is an extra bonus.

  5. lyonsashley267

    Good germination!

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