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  1. Andrew M Hackler

    I love this stuff, it has grow naturally in my garden every year. Do yourself a favor and look up the health benefits, the Omega 3’s are off the charts and not to mention the taste is amazing.

  2. selliskiwi1

    Purslane grows like crazy in a park near by, but I don’t know if the park uses chemical fertilizers and whatnot, so I don’t harvest from there, so I figured I’d try my hand at growing it from seed! The germination on these is insane! I have them with bottom heat and a fluorescent light, and they germinated in less than48 hours! And close to 100% germination, though I can’t tell for sure since I really packed them in. So far so good! They’re about a week old and I can see true leaves peaking through and all the sprouts look happy and healthy!

  3. Hayley Nasman

    I can also confirm that the germination rate on these is extremely fast — less than 48 hrs in a jiffy pellet under a light. But newly sprouted it did not seem to benefit from as much humidity as other seedlings do, and I took a couple outside too soon and they died, even though it is summer (above 50 F at night). Definitely a plant for when it is super hot outside it seems!

  4. mportwood06138

    Please do yourself a favor and grow some Purslane. So easy to grow. It just tastes wonderful – a slight peppery flavor like arugula or dandelion greens, but no where near as strong or bitter. A must for any southern gardener like myself who is looking for greens that will tolerate some heat!

  5. ragersteph

    DFW TX area. Threw some seeds in a hanging pot by the garage in full sun and grows like crazy. Started in Spring. Even with temps over 100F here it did great and I constantly forgot to water it. I did get a small amount of leaf damage but that’s all. Kids love munching on it, so do I. It has gone to seed and has self seeded in the pot. I’m hoping it self seeds in the ground next to the garage. Can be very invasive so I would suggest growing in a pot or make sure you trim it or probably and remove seed pods before they fall. Good germination rate.

  6. therosasclan

    Quality seeds as always. Love purslane and I love the affordable seeds.

  7. kawaiitatobutt

    Grows okay

  8. lyonsashley267

    this stuff grows all over my yard. Tasty!

  9. blazer4hire

    These did very well and grew like a weed because you know it is a weed. They tasted nice in salad and were tender without getting rough or bitter in the heat. SO easy to grow, I literally just finely broadcasted the seed where I wanted it and it still grew through the scorching heat. The flowers are nice too and it seeds very readily, I probably could have filled a seed packet with the amount that I had grown. Definitely highly recommended, especially to new gardeners!

  10. scenestra

    For a weed they are a …. to germinate. maybe I just don’t have the knack for it

  11. jamiewoytasik

    100% germination rate. The plants tasted good. The only issue I had was lack of knowledge about purslane. These are basically stalks with small leaves coming off of them. I was expecting the leaves to get larger so I let them go too long.

  12. pennygrabber911

    We grew purslane for the first time in our school garden last year, and it was fantastic. The flavor is superb and complements any green salad. We are trying to teach our students about healthy eating, and the nutrition on this plant is stunning. It does grow wild here, but the garden variety did even better. There was some type of fly-type past that was very interested in feeding off of it, but I curbed their feast by using an insect fabric covering. This plant is an amazing cut and come again delight.

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