10 reviews for Erba Stella Minutina *RARE*

  1. Thanh

    It has a crunchy texture good for stir fry. The seedlings are slow growing at first, but it is a perennial in warmer weather and you get continual harvests.

  2. Valerie Howden

    Started a couple trial plants. Growing happily in partial shade. Very tasty as a baby green. Going to try out as a more mature leaf in stir fries. Will definitely grow more next summer.

  3. Michelle McGuire

    Grew very well. I love the taste.

  4. marymonk

    This was fantastic. It grew and kept on giving and looking beautiful as if it was just planted. Not only do we love it but our rabbits and chickens love it as a treat as well!

  5. 302a4c12

    I planted these seeds under cover outside in late January, in north Alabama. Germination was good, the plants grew well, and , they’ve proven themselves as resilient as crab grass (minus being invasive). Survived a late spring/early summer heat wave with ease when my other hardy plants were having a tough time. I wouldn’t call Minutina a favorite in the flavor department, but it’s good enough that I would recommend trying it to people who may have difficulty growing other leafy greens.

  6. sharmo0361

    These were the first to sprout and grew great!

  7. josephmajora

    Grows well for spring to summer gardening. It does not do well for winter though. But it is a nice addition for salad greens.

  8. scenestra

    easy to grow, wasn’t crazy about the flavor. But the germination was good nd they grew well.

  9. ourlife767

    very easy to grow

  10. asia.gregg

    This is a gorgeous plant. It’s still thriving, 10 months later! (Zone 10b.) I planted it in a container on my porch with the Papalo herb from MIGardener and the combo is stunning. Great flavor too. The look reminds me of sea grass. I’m definitely planting more around my place for landscaping, because I just love the look of this grass. The flavor is good too, raw or in stir fries. This is one of my favorite MIGardener finds. 10/10

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