8 reviews for Claytonia Miner’s Lettuce *RARE*

  1. Aaron Eads

    Very crisp and juicy.

  2. laverenalw

    Exploded with growth far faster than any of my cold hardy plants. Planted at the end of March, and saw them flowering today at the end of May in zone 5b. They are adorable with their tiny flowers in the center of the leaves, and make for a nice garden snack.

  3. wgroux

    Unique and tasty!
    Wish I planted earlier and more!

  4. josephmajora

    Did not germinate at all.

  5. scenestra

    Such pretty little plants, I don’t know if they where supposed to get bigger cause the pot got double planted and they had to share with strawberries.

  6. ourlife767

    gorgeous plant

  7. Hayley Nasman

    I am in the PNW (Zone 8) and had great success growing these all winter with no cover. Very mild flavor (kind of lemony and succulent) — best when mixed with other greens that are more fluffy/ruffled so that the salad will still have volume.

  8. leahmhal96

    My husband loves this!! We are in the Pacific Northwest and this grows wild. We wished we planted more and will be this spring!

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