10 reviews for Kiwano (Jelly Melon) *RARE*

  1. shawn.muscutt.dpom

    I live in Ontario Canada and I was able to successfully grow these for my wife. Our soil is sandy and they had a slow start growing. Once they established a strong root they took off all over in my garden. I did find that local gardner snakes made their homes in the vines guessing they felt safe with all the thorns and dense cover. My wife is from Zimbabwe and it was a real treat to give her something she remembers eating back home. I recommend if your growing it in zones with short seasons to start them indoors. I had quite a few green ones which I had to ripen indoors.

  2. nappen1

    I have not grown these in both San Antonio and Washington DC. They do grow like mad and are doing particularly well on my balcony in DC in pots. I have had to build a string trellis to support them. The only downside I have found is that if you don’t watch them, they will take over whatever area you plant them in.

  3. nappen1

    These things grow like crazy. Be prepared to cut runners daily or they will take over your garden. I built a string trellis system on my balcony to accommodate them. Yes, they grew well in pots on my balcony and just two threatened to take over :). Very fast to grow, slow to fruit, so patience is required. The vines get very prickly, but not a problem if you keep them thinned out. Very fun to grow.

  4. drawzalot

    have a dedicated trelis just for these guys cuz the vines go everywhere

  5. scenestra

    After failing miserably at any cucumber or Mellon this year we noticed a random one of these growing next to the beans, I had thought they all dirty, the plant made it until just after the first frost!!!

  6. meruhe

    I grew these along an old chain link fence and that solved the overtaking everything problem. I did not get a single fruit and was very disappointed thinking that I had a soil imbalance problem. And then I discovered the neighbor’s dog tonguing the fruit off of the plants. She loved them. I’ll try again after putting netting on the dog side of the fence.

  7. sarahjeanhefner

    Great germination rate, however I don’t think starting indoors is necessary. Vines were vigorous and became leggy before I could transplant. I direct seeded later on but too late to get fruit. I’d recommend direct sowing when you sow cucumbers.

  8. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  9. evno3000

    These are great!

  10. scenestra

    Took a couple tries, and the final time was actually accidental, I didn’t even think any of these had survived until my SO pointed out a weird melon growing on the wall! That said it tasted really good, though if you are not about eating lots of seeds juicing is probably your best bet!

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