30 reviews for Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale

  1. Terri Thomad

    Beautifully packaged with in a plastic bag to easily see the seeds. Nice photo, variety name, year packaged and number of seeds. All organic. Can’t wait to plant them. And I love the videos on YouTube with detailed info on growing.

  2. Joe Koslowski

    I love this Kale. It just kept on growing and growing and growing all season long.

  3. Virginia

    I grew this for the first time in 2016 and I was very happy with it!! All of the seed I bought from MiGardener in 2016 germinated and grew well. I am buying lots more to plant in 2017.

  4. RichardW

    Something went wrong here. I got zero germination. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my error – I used up some dinosaur kale seeds left over from last year and they sprouted fine. Luke’s other seeds have done fine too. Just something about this batch. Strange.

    • MIgardener

      Very very odd. We started some and got near 80% germination. Send us an email, we can make it right for you.

  5. Michelle McGuire

    Very productive, great taste, and it’s great for salads and smoothies.

  6. Linda Mullin

    Our favorite kale. Remove stem. Dip in boiling water for two minutes to destroy enzyme action. Plunge into cold water to prevent cooking. Place in dehydrator. When crispy dry store in mason jars. It will keep for years. Soup will never be the same without it. My granddaughter took fours jars to college with her. This kale will be on sale at the coops during Christmas.

  7. dana.price

    Great taste, giant plants!

  8. dehaanremodeling

    Very good germination. Grew well even in 90 degree temps middle of summer, zone 6. Tasted excellent

  9. Josepha

    These plants grew very well over the winter in Georgia. I thought they would be tall but they were not.

  10. DeirdrePsalms1151

    This is the only Kale I will grow from now on! It’s great raw in salads, smoothies, wraps, cooked in eggs, omeletts, etc. I have about 10 in the winter garden now!

  11. radalem

    I love the color as it grows, an easy to grow variety. Germinated at 100% rate.

  12. radalem

    100% germination rate. Heat, disease and pest resistant! Great tasting too! A must-have in a garden.

  13. amybreland02

    Such a beautiful plant! Here in 9B Texas it has lived through one Summer and One winter so far and is still going strong. I’ve also had absolutely no pest damage!

  14. jpgirardi

    My favourite Kale, easy to grow as well

  15. mat_fren

    Good germination rate, plant grows fast. My only issue is that insects seems to like them more vs other brassicas (which can be positive in a way, they didn’t attack my brocoli, scarlet kale and brussels sprouts). Overall they pulled through anyway and are now well established.

  16. gbpemail

    Germinated well and my kale plants are still growing strong all season long!! My favorite tasting kale.

  17. jspotterpin

    Great all purpose kale. Direct sowed in March and the seedlings survived both snow and hard frosts. Grew throughout the summer without bolting and are still growing for fall harvests. Watch out for aphids!

  18. lyonsashley267

    interesting flavor and texture

  19. blazer4hire

    This was my first time growing kale and made the mistake of growing kale in the summer making them a bit bitter and less sweet than in the fall planting. They actually made it through the summer and are growing faster during the cooler weather. It’s definitely better to get them going late summer-early fall as they stay leafier rather than getting thick stalks. I definitly recommend removing stems as they are tough and very bitter. If you don’t, I can tell you, You’ll only make the mistake of putting kale stalks in a smoothie once.

  20. jackiediede

    Our family loves Dinosaur Kale and it’s easy to grow.

  21. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  22. scenestra

    This stuff is amazing, and I love it, especially love kale trees!

  23. shannonsweeley

    My favorite kale. Produced great. Zone 9

  24. 15allisonsmith

    This is my absolute favorite kale! I planted some in the late summer last year for a fall harvest, and it came back this year despite rabbits munching it down to a nub over the winter. My husband accidentally weed whacked it down to the ground in the spring, and about a month later it popped right back up! It has a nice firm texture and I love to use it in soups. It’s got a cabbage-y flavor and it gets sweeter in the cooler months. Ohio zone 6a

  25. lamoureux.6697

    Still eating this in the heat great

  26. bobchai

    Excellent germination. Easy to grow. Thick leaves less likely to have caterpillars. Great for salads.

  27. aveoxus

    My experience with MIgardener Dinosaur Kale, simply incredible! Excellent packaging first of all, each envelope is clearly labeled and is resealable. I only planted maybe 20 or so in my raised bed garden and each seed germinated. The rest are going to be a staple for my garden for years to come, you can count on that! The one caveat being to be conscious of pests specifically cabbage worm, they love this stuff as much as you will reader; but they’re easy to pluck off the leaves. Give them a good rinse in the sink and they’ll be ready for salads sandwiches you name it!

  28. patrina2001e

    MY Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale grew well. I would purchase this seed again. It was slow in production..I recommend this seed..This was the first to grow in my garden.. Thank you Migardener.com.

  29. corinnemnilsen

    Delicious kale! We love just snacking on a leaf while walking around the garden

  30. zraider73

    Finally got my hands on this Dinasaur Kale. Can’t wait to get these germination for this fall.

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