23 reviews for Thai Basil

  1. Ethan

    Very sweet smelling. It’s reminiscent of licorice mixed with sweet basil.

  2. Mumbai Balcony Gardener

    Plenty of seeds, excellent germination , grew beautifully and will be my basil of choice to grow for its flowers . The flowers are abundant and form in long stems , the stingless bees , native bees and wasps just loved these .

  3. fwmilmo

    High germination, very prolific. Smells and tastes amazing! I agree, nice sweet smell.

  4. Darren Lind

    Great germination and very fragrant! I enjoy this basil

  5. Joseph

    Very fragrant and versatile as well. It also grows like nuts once it gets established.

  6. sys881218

    Thai basil seeds were slower to germinate compared to other basil seeds I started this year. But now that they are established, they seem to be taking off. Compared to Italian Large Leaf Basil, Holy Basil and Dolce Fresca Basil, the Thai basil had absolutely zero insect damage. Which is great, because that means more basil for me. Used it in Thai basil fried rice today, and it was absolutely delicious!

  7. Valerie Howden

    my go to basil for spring salad rolls. grows well indoors under lights during the winter months. not bothered by pests in the garden either.

  8. bouncerdjwife

    This is my first time with holy basil. I can’t wait to see it flowering. Making a whole basil bed with all the different basils.

  9. lori.m.greco

    I love this basil! I use it in all my Thai style dishes from drunken noodle, to stir fry, and curries. This is probably the best tasting herb and enhances the flavors amazingly. Without this, the Thai dishes simply just do not taste the same. Germination rate is magnificent and if allowed, these will self sow on their own for next year. This can be a plus, but sometimes they grow where they aren’t supposed to. They are easy to pull when they do though and then I just cook them up.

  10. jessejanecopper

    Absolutely beautiful this plant is huge now and tastes great even after it flowered and it has the prettiest purple flowers

  11. steveosullivan77

    Great germination & growth, but don’t care for the flavor

  12. lori.m.greco

    Seriously one of my most favorite basil varieties out there. Are use this one and the Italian large leaf the most. Are use this basil and a lot of pho soups, curries, and stir fry’s. Amazing flavor that you just can’t replicate with other herbs and spices.

  13. Joseph

    The perfect basil to use with Asian foods. The flavor is just different from the American/European basil varieties… in a good way.

  14. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  15. hjhumphrey17

    We love Thai basil in our house, and this Thai basil was amazing! It grew so well for us last year and was super productive! Planted the remaining seeds this year and it still germinated amazing and is already about 8inch tall about 6 weeks later. Amazing.

  16. lammeri

    Looks beautiful, great germination, loved by the pollinators, and use it all the time in my cooking.

  17. mecasa77

    Not bad like the taste grows pretty good beside the Tommy toe tomatoes. It looks like it likes the S.W. United States. Also good in pesto mixed with sweet basil but that might just be me.

  18. cecillia.xiao

    Beautiful plant and smells amazing!

  19. awizard.amy

    Great for a cool drink or for noodles.

  20. corinnemnilsen

    An interesting looking basil with a great fragrance. Beautiful flowers that the bees love too!

  21. surlyloon

    love Migardener. Fast service, great prices. All seeds I have ordered have germinated 100%. Will be my main seed supplier. Michigan business extra bonus.

  22. happytimesahead23

    Not for me. An aquired taste that’s for sure
    ~Iowa grown

  23. lamoureux.6697

    Great basil and the bees loved it

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