8 reviews for Summer Savory

  1. Carrie

    Excellent, flavorful and pretty

  2. steveosullivan77

    Excellent in germination, flavor, & growth

  3. lyonsashley267

    good germination, but the plants died not long after sprouting

  4. kalauing

    Excellent flavor, nice addition to the herb garden.

  5. brianna.shipley

    I grew this plant because it was a ingredient in a recipe to my husband favorite family recipe and I couldn’t find it in stores. It grew well and dried well. And it had tiny flowers that were cute. It was around a 1ft tall and 6in wide at full grown.

  6. ourlife767

    great flavor

  7. aminta.s.largaespada

    Oh my! Those seedling smell like heaven!

  8. caleb88weeks

    I came across this plant at a farmers market and HAD to have it. Grew these and the FLAVOR was out of this world. I literally put this herb on everything it was that good. Plant lasted until colder nights came in, but it dried easily. Zone 5b for reference.

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