24 reviews for Spicy Globe Basil

  1. Tina Abrahamson

    I bought this last year and absolutely love it. It’s currently inside the house, in a 20″ pot on a chair so I don’t have to bend over to harvest and so it gets good southern light from the window. It’s doing just wonderful! Great germination, wonderful pricing, fast service. Thank you MIgardener for making it so easy to access great seeds to afford gardening!
    ~Tina in South Dakota

  2. yvette

    Love it!, easy to grow and a lovely smell , I will order more of these.

  3. Jen

    This is so easy to grow. Plus it’s very pretty and stays compact.

  4. Emily

    Great germination. Easy to grow. Would be great for a container garden.

  5. Michelle McGuire

    I prefer large leaf basil, but this grew very well.

  6. geekgurl01_s

    I grew this last year and it had a great germination rate and James’s easy to grow and take care of. It smells and tastes good and my family has used it in in plenty recipes. My plant got quite large with enough basil to share and some to dry as well. I’m planting again this year because we love it so much.

  7. Stephanie

    I grew this last year and my family loved it. It was easy to grow and I love the smell. My plant got pretty large so I had plenty of basil to share and some to dry. We used a bunch fresh in different recipes and it all tasted great. I definitely recommend this to everyone.

  8. Darren Lind

    My new 2 favorite! It grows well and germination is superb

  9. Darren Lind

    great germination and I love the compact bushy plants! nice spicy flavor and generous leaf production!

  10. Rachel CK

    Great germination, really good flavor

  11. Tina

    This is better than other Globe Basil I have grown. All the seeds germinated. It is doing really well. The leaves are bigger. It tastes great. I started my seedlings the end of April, put it in a pot in late May, and I was already eating it in mid-June.

  12. shan_dee_

    Germination was quick and awesome flavor.

  13. richardbills09

    Excited to try, as these are our first seeds from MIgardener. Looks like 100% germination rate so far after 4-5 days from planting. Will follow up later in the season!

  14. meetapat817

    Great germination rates and plants are tolerant to heat. I personally enjoy the larger leaf varieties more but this is a great plant. Easy to grow and strong flavor!

  15. lyonsashley267

    very unique taste. So prolific

  16. blazer4hire

    I had wanted to try some different basil and it definitely was different. To me, it tastes like basil and mint(but not minty fresh) with something else. It can be used normally in drinks and food. In food, the difference is undetectable to me. I did notice a slight difference when making things like strawberry-basil lemonade but it was still very good. It’s also beautiful when you trim the plant but one caveat is that if you want lots of basil it takes a while to pick a cup of basil. Not sure if I’d recommend this for pesto though. Would recommend it to others depending on what they are looking for in basil.

  17. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  18. alanaq08

    I bought these late in the season just to test my green thumb. They germinated quickly and are still growing in a small container under a grow light in my home. Can’t wait to see them outside when it warms up!

  19. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  20. windburn.dm

    I direct sowed this in a pot outside after risk of frost. It took of and grew well. I will definitely grow again.

  21. keifferr12

    started indoors in pot, it is really starting to look nice. tastes a little spicier than some of the normal bails. but is very good

  22. heatherolvera80

    Germinated on a heat mat and seriously less than a day! So excited to grow this one, she seems fierce!

  23. aliciadapice

    This is so fun to grow! I love the mini bushes. So far I’ve made basil salt with it. I can’t wait to try more as the summer progresses.

  24. happytimesahead23

    Tastes great 10/10

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