13 reviews for Spearmint – Mint

  1. nicknigrelli

    Came beautifully in the MIgardener seed pocket, and gave explicit information on how to plant and more! Almost all my seeds have sprouted indoors, and seedlings look very healthy. Would definitely recommend to those who want mint, and may have bad breath 😉

  2. ssumeraa

    I planted the seeds outdoors in a pot. None of the seeds germinated. I think mint is a hard one to grow, and it just wasn’t done properly. Because all of the other seeds that I have purchased always seemed to do great!!

  3. bouncerdjwife

    This seeded so fast. I use mint as ground cover in front of the house. I want to add several species in that spot.

  4. lyonsashley267

    Good germination! Tasty dried and fresh.

  5. E V

    Zone 5b, Very healthy and vigorous grower! Keep in a pot!

  6. ashleeboivin802

    Awesome! I had a bit of trouble germinating them, but positive thats on me for covering too heavily. Once these guys germinate they take off. Best smell ever! Can add to any drink too

  7. scenestra

    Good germination, near immortal, for the price you’ll be in mint for most of the next decade!

  8. kim.zepeda

    I grew this in Hawaii in a wooden bucket, they did very well and took over the the whole surface. I used the plant for some delicious teas and I was have never disappointed.

  9. ourlife767

    i will forever grow this, great germination

  10. sweetpea123153

    I received my seeds today, March 8, 2021. I plan to plant around my box garden to help ward off those pesty insects and use some for tea.

  11. evno3000

    this grew really good

  12. corinnemnilsen

    Grows easily and quickly. It’s shocking how fast it goes from two tiny leaves to a whole plant!

  13. lamoureux.6697

    Grows very well good to add to tea

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