10 reviews for Slow Bolt Cilantro

  1. Kia

    My seed order came quickly and everything was packaged beautifully. I planted two varieties of Cilantro this year, one from MI gardener and a second from another vendor. MI Gardener seeds germinated first and grew quickly. MI gardener seeds came through the hardening process with no problem and are still going strong. I am very satisfied with this slo-bolt variety.

    • Luke marion

      So glad you had great success with the slow bolt cilantro! Happy gardening!

  2. Michelle McGuire

    Very productive and cold hardy.

  3. u.kisses4u

    Amazingly hardy plant! In this humid temps it thrives and produced well! Thank you!

  4. Valerie Howden

    love cilantro and I don’t care when is self seeds. Plenty of volunteers this year and that means one less crop to plant outdoors. grows well indoors under grow lights for fresh flavor thru the winter.

  5. briabram49836

    Grew quick, germination was ok-over 50%, did bolt faster than i expected but have a second planting in my raised beds and hoping it doesnt bolt as quickly as we move into the cooler months. Hoping to seed save out of the first round that is flowering.

  6. olsonkaylynn1

    yes great germination, and plants did really well for me.

  7. hktauyan

    Grew this in HI and it lasted for a good two to three months before it bolted. We really enjoyed this variety of cilantro. We used it for guacamole, scrambled eggs, Chinese style steamed fish, burritos, salads, oxtail soup, and many more. Most of the seeds I planted germinated and I still have more left. I’m a happy customer!

  8. lyonsashley267

    goes to seed fast but tasty

  9. Brian Cloud

    Seeds germinated perfectly! So much so that I have more cilantro than I thought I would! Hardy plants loving the cold in zone 7b

  10. Brytani Sumby

    Could not be happier. Ordered & direct sow in Washington, dc. these slow bolt cilantro from migardener.com have come back each year with zero effort. I dont water. Last year it grew taller than 6 feet. Dies off mid summer then comes back in the fall. Collecr and ground some of seeds for awesome flavor.

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