15 reviews for Mammoth Long Island Dill

  1. Ethan

    If you like pickles then this is your plant. I’ve yet to grow it outdoors, but indoors it is over a foot tall and that is after multiple harvests ! Great flavor and smell !

  2. James

    Great germination, grows very well. Smells awesome!

  3. Michelle McGuire

    Grew well and the pollinators loved it!

  4. Tina

    Great success transplanting seedlings. They were a little delicate and spindly, but I was careful. They’ve been in the ground about a month and looking good. Wish I could post a pic here. Seeds geminated fast, too..

  5. u.kisses4u

    Amazing quality seeds! This dill is hardy and the taste is phenomenal.

  6. gizzmogirl

    I planted 2 of these with my cucumbers this year, and wow the smell of this dill is like no other. Cucumbers are still coming in but this is going strong. I have been having to give this a hair cut at least once a week. I toss this dill with my fresh eggs and it is amazing. Can’t wait to use it for pickling.

  7. lyonsashley267

    my favorite dill to grow. Lovely taste and easy to grow

  8. blazer4hire

    These grew very well in cool weather. They struggle in hot weather even under the foliage of other plants. However, they do have a good dill flavor. An interesting thing I’ve found is that the seed heads before they open have an especially strong dill flavor that is delicious. Will definitely grow this again for salads and dill pickles if I get cucumber this coming year.

  9. kimhensley0

    Great production almost all season long! Succession sow for all season harvests. Love it in salads as well as making pickles!

  10. scenestra

    Great germination, almost to good, someone told me Dill had germination problems so I started 10 plants…..I have way to much dill, these plants are huge, I will probably not need to grow again for another 5 years!

  11. ilukephotography

    I love the size and texture of the leaves!

  12. heatherolvera80

    Germinated really quickly! Excited for these ones!

  13. simpsons129

    Good, but I’ve had better. More of a subtle flavor

  14. ohgardener44691

    Still perfecting the best way to grow in my garden. May need some kind of support, but the herb itself is delightful.

  15. lamoureux.6697

    Grows really well

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