7 reviews for Hyssop

  1. Jeremy

    These beauties are some of my favorites. Grew much larger then i thought it would!

  2. nire81

    I grew these with winter sowing and they produced a lot of seedlings. They have a pretty color but are small. Maybe they will come back bigger next year.

  3. lyonsashley267

    Delicious and perfect for tea.

  4. scenestra

    I loved this in my tea garden and my tea, and the pollinators loved it as well

  5. jeaninebrand

    Seems like this is a wonderful flower and herb (all in one), but I cannot seem to ever catch it when its available. Is there a right time to buy it, or should I look elsewhere?

  6. heatherolvera80

    Germinated within three days using a heat mat. They look like healthy and vibrant plants!

  7. ohgardener44691

    Interesting plant. Careful not to let it self sow or it’ll take over (per my sister). Mine survived, even when shaded out. Will plant in better location next year.

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