19 reviews for German Chamomile

  1. The Gormans

    My chamomile plants are doing very well!

  2. Michelle McGuire

    There’s nothing like fresh chamomile tea! These grow very well.

  3. fwmilmo

    Germination is tricky, but I manage to get them going on my 2nd go. Watch out for fungus gnats if you use compost as they took my first batch. Second batch worked great! I can’t wait to make tea!

  4. Valerie Howden

    Amazing growth. I thought I would need to plant a second time but the first plantings won’t stop producing flowers … all big too. The taste of fresh tea was worth the wait. Sending out as presents this holiday season.

  5. naomi garcia

    Planted the seeds Sunday outside and it’s Wednesday and they have germinated!

  6. gbpemail

    I’ve tried in vain to grow chamomile until this year. It was a great success. This germinated well and made a very nice crop of flowers. Fragrant an tasty in teas!!

  7. scenestra

    These germinated well both where I planted them and in the strawberry plant they accidentally fell in with lol. And all the plants did remarkably well considering the company!!!

  8. lyonsashley267

    Gorgeous but not heat tolerant

  9. Katie Volner

    Fair germination. I live chamomile. Small pretty flowers.

  10. scenestra

    I loved growing this! It had very good germination, and the plants them selves where relatively hardy. I forgot one set and planted over them and they still managed to grow and share and do well!

  11. Brytani Sumby

    Did direct sow with great results. Comes back every year bigger and better. Wish i could post pics. Got an adorable heart shaped double headed chamomile flower out of the seeds i sowed.

  12. heatherolvera80

    These germinated really quickly on the heat mat. 4 to 5 days max. Very healthy looking plants!

  13. homewithkandb

    Good germination, but very fragile in the early stages. After initial growth, they seem to have stalled at about 2 inches tall. This may be a care and conditions issue, as this is my first time growing this. Seed packet doesn’t offer much care instruction.

  14. 15allisonsmith

    Very easy to grow, vibrant green foliage, and bright cheery flowers. I did have an infestation of tiny tan thrips last year which put me off wanting to harvest the flowers (I didn’t want to drink bug tea), but I will try neem oil this year to keep them away. The blooms I did harvest and steep made a wonderfully apple-like tea. A great variety for first time gardeners and tea enthusiasts to try.

  15. hannah.castori

    I winter sowed these in late winter. I had no idea how tiny the seeds are so I just sprinkled them in, and I think they all must have germinated. They are growing well since I separated them and I’m now starting to get some flower buds!

  16. lamoureux.6697

    So pretty and flowering with my vegetables

  17. happytimesahead23

    Great for drying for tea

  18. happytimesahead23

    My favourite to grow and dry. Love pulling some out of storage to make a nice spot of tea come winter time

  19. corinnemnilsen

    Grows well with little effort, but reseeded itself everywhere

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