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  1. Theresa Jackson

    I have to be careful planting any of Luke’s seeds. I can’t keep up. Didn’t expect they will all germinate. Some of the vegetable seeds takes 3 to 4 days to germinate but I waited patiently for 10 days for this fennel. Watch out for each seeds you plant because 100% will all germinate. Never again buy in any other nursery store.

  2. lilicallegom

    Sweet and fast growing in our north fl garden

  3. megansherow

    Excellent germination! I’ve had trouble getting fennel to germinate in the past but not with these seeds.

  4. dustbunny55

    This Fennel grew huge! I planted 8 seeds and had 100% germination rate. They transplanted great outside. The plants were over 3 feet tall and the largest one harvested was about 5 inches wide at the base. Wish I could post pics! The flavor was unbelievable. MIGardener seeds never disappoint.

  5. josephmajora

    Are these suppose to grow an edible base? I have planted twice with that expectation and both times they grow so tall but the base never grow into a size like the picture. It is just very thin and woody. I am not sure if I have a wrong expectation here.

  6. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  7. evno3000

    10/10 would grow again

  8. bre.strong27

    Excellent germination and fast-growing plants! You can definitely tell that the seed is extremely fresh and healthy. Exactly as described and so easy to grow for the swallowtail caterpillars!

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