6 reviews for English (Common) Thyme *Perennial*

  1. socksheil

    I started a pinch of these seeds and have so many sprouts in only a few days! Great germination, thank you!

  2. wordynerd48

    100% germination. So many, I had to thin about half when they were sprouts. Now, I have wonderful plants. There are a lot of seeds and will another, convenient zip-up bag inside the package, I didn’t spill any.

  3. briabram49836

    Great germination, harvested quite a bit already, lovely smell and taste, great in homemade herb butters to put in the freezer and use over the winter.

  4. steveosullivan77

    Excellent flavor, production, growth, & germination

  5. lyonsashley267

    lovely taste. Hardy

  6. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener seeds!

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