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  1. Mike

    I have tried three different ways to make these germinate and none of them have been successful…are these seeds dead? Was pretty successful with all the other seeds ordered from this site.

    • MIgardener

      Lavender seeds are tricky and need to be stratified in the fridge on a damp paper town for 3 weeks before being brought out into warm temperatures to sprout well.

  2. kyliejgray

    This is doing so good in my garden this year. This is the only kind of lavender we can grow in our area, so pleased with it.

  3. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  4. evno3000

    10/10 Great

  5. heatherolvera80

    Excellent germination, did not cold stratify. Beautiful looking plants!

  6. Ella Cavanagh

    I bought these and sowed- within less them a week I saw them sprout up out of the soil! I’m beyond happy with the seeds, super excited to see how much they grow.

  7. embrasserlesoleil

    I always struggle with growing lavender from seed, but I wanted to try some again so I could fulfill my romantic idea of growing the little buds for tea and flavoring for cooking and baking. I got about 80 percent germination and they are surviving through the summer. No flowers yet, but maybe it will happen! I am not giving up. I will start more in spring 2022.

  8. ohgardener44691

    Germination was good. Plants did well inside. I transplanted outside at the wrong time though & only had one out of nine survive. Oh well, will do better next year.

  9. surlyloon

    love Migardener. Fast service, great prices. All seeds I have ordered have germinated 100%. Will be my main seed supplier. Michigan business extra bonus.

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