8 reviews for Dark Green Flat Leaf Parsley

  1. amybreland02

    This has been a fantastic herb to have around! Here in 9b it has been around all year. One plant is currently going to seed, and the rest are just growing on! Great germination rate

  2. sys881218

    Grew this parsley in a small (5×5 in) hanging pot last year. Very low maintenance and I loved having fresh parsley available from late spring through late fall. I am growing them again this year.

  3. cd.mans

    Good germination. I have it indoors and I also have it in the garden. I am curious if it will survive the winter, I am in zone 5b.

  4. lyonsashley267

    Prolific and cold hardy!

  5. ourlife767

    good parsley

  6. shaselby

    Grew these hydroponically for a class project alongside some basil and they did very well.

  7. ashlyn_61

    So tasty! Growing it in a simple pot I got from the dollar store, in zone 5B, and it’s growing great. I love it on chicken and rice.

  8. wardea90

    Great germination, prolific, grows best if you keep picking it. Dries great and tastes amazing fresh. Doing fantastic in a container, zone 4b.

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