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  1. noaf

    will these be back in stock any time soon ?

    • MIgardener

      Check back in November when the 2017 seeds will be in! 🙂

  2. lilicallegom

    First time I have good germination from chives, so happy, fast grower!

  3. ragersteph

    Great germination. Growing in DFW TX in a smallish window box container with partial shade in DFW TX. Started seeds in September. Delicious and so pretty.

  4. sys881218

    Great germination rate. I did not need to plant more seeds this year because last year’s chives overwintered in my tiny hanging basket!

  5. bladeddragon

    Let me tell you these things do not disappoint.
    I startted them last year and had very good germination
    I did not pick or cut but a few of them
    They survived the winter still growing all winter long and bloomed about a month ago (start of june) I now have all those seeds to look forward to continuing to grow and thicken my patch.

  6. cd.mans

    Good germination. I have them in small containers by a
    South facing window. Nice taste.

  7. lyonsashley267

    Delicious and productive!

  8. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  9. scenestra

    Chives are a garden work horse and these do the job, good germination, nearly immortal, and prolific. what more could you ask for

  10. ashlero

    Received this in early Dec 2020 and immediately started planting for indoor use. I was stunned by the 100% germination rate. I know chives are easy to grow but 100% germination is still pretty shocking. Kudos!

  11. scenestra

    Who doesn’t need a stand of chives in the garden? These are awesome and I love them.

  12. ourlife767

    Fast grower. Great chives!

  13. yorka8384

    I ordered these after a failed attempt to plant chives before. I got a great germination rate and they are growing great in my raised bed herb garden.

  14. torizard26

    Grew perfectly in zone 7b

  15. liz1rees

    Yay! They are thriving in year two! Have blossoms coming soon, and are stronger than they were the first year. So excited for my first perennial herb! Just fyi- with them being a biennial, they won’t bloom the first year you plant them.

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