8 reviews for Chicory

  1. nicolesica123

    I really wanted this to grow, but sadly, I couldn’t get them to sprout. I have a few seeds left and will try again in the spring.

  2. cecillegagne27

    I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Most of the seeds I planted germinated. I harvested cut and come again and my bunnies loved this lettuce. I also grew them for my mother as she likes the flower, but sadly I think they only flower the second year. Since I live in a colder climate I will try growing them indooors during the winter and transplant outside next spring and see if I can get some flowers for my mother this time.

  3. lyonsashley267

    Fantastic germination

  4. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  5. scenestra

    Sprouted well, and looked very pretty

  6. ourlife767


  7. heatherolvera80

    They germinated really well, and seem to be thriving!

  8. evno3000

    This was great!

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