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  1. Julia Digaetani

    I got catnip seeds after I had planted Lemon Catnip last year for tea. That made great tea. I don’t have a cat but the tea is supposed to be very good for you,so I planted a few weeks ago and I had good germination and will be transplanting them soon to the garden.
    I’m waiting to see if it brings in all the neighborhood cats!

  2. fwmilmo

    Good germination. I had way more plants than I wanted with this seeds so I shared with friends and family. We all love our catnip. The cats too :).

  3. Michelle McGuire

    Grew very well and my cat loved it! Produced more than enough to dry.

  4. desiraemonique

    Bought this to grow for my cats. Slow to start, but I was very surprised on how fast the plants grew after growing an inch or two. Has a very unique smell and drives my cats crazy! Both my cats and I are loving these plants.

  5. bladeddragon

    I’m growing these in a pot outside alongside of basil. They were slow to start and only about 50% germinated they are about 4 inches tall in a month and I and my cats are very hopefull.

  6. Nick Clarke

    This catnip is potent and my cat absolutely loves it (fresh or dried). This sits out on our apartment balcony table and is thriving here in Michigan.

    Easy to grow. Compact, bushy plant. I hear you should avoid planting in garden beds since it tends to run rampant.

  7. deanjewell

    These have done well 2 seasons in a row, glad I bought them..

  8. lyonsashley267

    These suckers take over! I’ll never plant them again!

  9. lostinthewoods9575

    The cat loved this! Great germination and grew well in a container.

  10. evanrahaman

    Great Seeds!

  11. ourlife767

    produces tons of catnip

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