17 reviews for Calypso Cilantro

  1. gizzmogirl

    already June in the south and no bolt yet. I have been clipping these back about once a week. Only needed 2 plants, doing well as companion plants with my hot peppers.

  2. moonieee

    Easy to grow! Germination rates are excellent! Super healthy plants and are truly slow to bolt in zone 9b. I have let them go to seed as of mid June and the Bees love the blooms. Will be a variety I continue to grow every year!

  3. moonieee

    Loved this cilantro. It was slow to bolt and was very healthy! Zone 9b and did excellent! Germination rate was also spot on perfect!

  4. tjbobrosky

    I planted nine seeds in one square in my raised bed square foot garden on September 25, here in Southern Nevada. They all sprouted and are growing. Temperatures here are still above normal so we’ll see how long we can go before the cold weather gets them.

  5. lyonsashley267


  6. alyson.weekly

    100% germination.

  7. evanrahaman

    Love using this cilantro

  8. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  9. ilovebugs08

    Good bolt resistance, bolted about 14 days after the santo variety

  10. sarahmframe

    I don’t bother buying the slo-bolt variety anymore because I love this variety so much. I’ve had much more consistent results growing this cilantro – slower to bolt, better germination, and handles a wider temperature range. Please keep these seeds in stock MIGardener – I need my cilantro fix and these are the best!

  11. a.litts.merz

    Great germination rate. Took a little while to bush out but kept producing almost all year in southern california but wants to bolt in summer.

  12. ourlife767

    Great germination rate. My fiancé loves cilantro on his tacos

  13. sweetpea123153

    I received my seeds today, March 8, 2021 and have started them. Can’t wait for them to grow, grow, grow!! I love cilantro!!

  14. evno3000

    These were great!

  15. hannah.castori

    Excellent germination with these seeds! They seem to be growing slowly in my garden, but it’s perfect to just harvest little bits as I use them. I am very pleased that they have not bolted from our wacky 90 degree spring days.

  16. lamoureux.6697

    Grew very healthy and tasty

  17. melissa.krat

    A good herb that is more resistant to heat than most Cilantro, but very much like standard cilantro otherwise.

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