9 reviews for Bouquet Dill

  1. Ethan

    I like this dill for garnish. I have not tried drying it yet or perhaps a pate for pickling. seems to be less fragrant than other dill I have grown but overall an attractive looking plant.

  2. Lauren A.

    Came up within a few days with 100% germination! I was so very exited!The best germination I have ever experienced!

  3. amanda.g.shaffer86

    Germinated quickly and easily. Has not yet had a chance to grow enough to harvest, but seems to be growing quickly. One of the few plants I had survive the late snow we had this year. Definitely recommend

  4. lyonsashley267

    i prefer the mammoth, but this one isn’t bad!

  5. gpicanco06

    Not a dill taste to be found in this dill. I’m super disappointed in these seeds. Sadly I wanted a dill that was really dilly because I needed it for cooking and this dill said it was the best for pickling in particular. So I bought it and I’m sorry I wasted time (a lot of it with mailing being what it is) and money on this one. No dill flavor it’s green tasting.

  6. Deanna Berg

    I love to use bouquet dill throughout the vegetable and flower beds. It is great for culinary uses and for pollinators. It is pretty and attracts butterflies as a larval host plant. Make sure you plant enough to share with the caterpillars.

  7. ashleeboivin802

    Love this dill. It does take a little bit of time for it to actually ‘grow up’ but totally worth it. I use this dill in legit everything. Meats, veggies, sides… Everything. 100% fabric grow bags. 10a here. Will always grow. Even though it says bouquet dill it still is a prolific producer.

  8. keifferr12

    I started ours indoors in a pot. It is doing awesome, and tastes awesome.

  9. cd.mans

    Big plant. Didn’t survive the winter in zone 5.

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