21 reviews for Dwarf Greek Basil

  1. lorynaylor

    Germination was great, i just transplanted my seedings today.

  2. kims3791

    It is very easy to grow! You need to prune this regularly to get the most out of it.

  3. isaac poulsen

    This was my favorite basil last year. Although I knew the leaves would be small i didnt realize that the whole plant would be small. I regretted not growing more. My germination rate was great and they handled being transplanted really well too (which i did early). It’s true that you need to prune it regularly to get a good amount from each plant.

  4. yvette

    AMAZING!! I love this basil and I ordered 2 packs of these and I will order more, I love it .. It’s easy to grow and maintain, it has a great flavor and smell. In my culture; we drink it as a tea.

  5. Emily

    Great germination. Basil is one of my favorites to grow, so I’m always trying new varieties. This produced well, but as others said, you need to keep it pruned. Transplanted well. Will be growing again.

  6. John

    This is a very interesting basil. I grew this Kratky style and used it as a desk plant in my office under a 6500K LED grow bulb. After my first harvest I took a cutting and it got even bushier/fuller. Very pretty with a more intense flavor than the large leaf. We mixed this with large leaf basil to make pesto. Trimming all those little leaves was a little time consuming, but well worth it to give the pesto a little extra zing!

  7. angelfishvintage

    perfect and adorable! I love this basil

  8. gizzmogirl

    This was the perfect basil to grow under my tomato plants. They don’t get to tall and provide some sun cover for my soil. Plant more than what you think you need. It is also very fragrant and tasty. Prune often to keep harvest going. Warning do not let goats near these, they go for this plant 1st.

  9. petabread91

    This is actually my first basil plant / herb I have ever grown. It was super easy. I planted them in some potting mix and the seeds sprouted within a few days. The plant is a very vigorous grower. I literally forgot the name which contains ‘dwarf’ Greek basil. I accidentally let it grow a bit too big and noticed the leaves started wilting for the first time. I immediately trimmed the plant back and was good as new. The smell is absolutely amazing. I use this on a lot of my dinner meals such as pizza, spaghetti, and rice. It’s also cat resistant as well. Both of my cats absolutely love to destroy a flower or any plant with leaves the moment you let them sniff. Not with these guys. The smell is too potent for them! Give this plant a go. This plant takes care of itself. Minimal watering needed even though I have them outdoors south facing and get brutal Florida sun all day.

  10. lyonsashley267

    tasty but very small leaves. Probably won’t plant again due to not using the last plants very much

  11. mrsjclifton

    Strong basil flavor in a smaller plant. Grew bushy and abundantly.

  12. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  13. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  14. clint342015

    I got my order on February 5th and planted it the same day now it’s February 7th and I not only got sprouts some of them have green leafs

  15. clint342015

    Sprouted in two days

  16. heatherolvera80

    Germinated really well!

  17. aliciadapice

    Germination was pretty good and it is a cute tiny little bush!

  18. happytimesahead23

    Great for drying and stores well

  19. Marisa Pursell

    amazing flavor. easy to germinate!

  20. sheryjm

    Prefer this over regular Italian large leaf one!

  21. lamoureux.6697

    So beautiful perfect for a small area

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