18 reviews for Dark Opal Basil

  1. Emily Waala

    After accidentally killing off all of my sweet basil, I was almost too discouraged to plant these seeds. I’m glad I did though because they are thriving! I have already had to divide and transplant them twice and we still have a few weeks to go before they can go outside. Awesome germination and beautiful color!

  2. Lindsay Kalinowski

    My favorite basil. Beautiful color. Flowers are pink and give pretty contrast. I like to plant this with Thai basil and red acre cabbage. Purple tones in other plants compliment the opal basil.

  3. Joseph

    A very beautiful specimen indeed. I give these as gifts to friends and family. One downside is that the plant will start to turn green if it doesn’t receive enough sunlight.


    I love this basil. It tastes just as good as regular green basil but the purple plant is so pretty like an ornamental. Yes, nice enough to give as gifts.

  5. angelfishvintage

    so pretty

  6. trapperguy05

    Great smell.
    Great taste.
    And an incredibly hardy plant

  7. gbpemail

    Beautiful and fragrant. Dries very well!!

  8. steveosullivan77

    Cool color when in full sun, but it lacks flavor and changes to a grayish green when heated

  9. lyonsashley267

    love it. So good in pesto

  10. leela.dreamhome

    Zone 9b Central Valley California: Mild Winters/Hot Dry Summer
    Gorgeous! More purple than pic suggests. Great germination, transplants with ease. Freeze leaves in flat layers in ziploc bags to retain pretty purple color and good-as-fresh flavor. Refreshing and beautiful in iced water or tea.

  11. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  12. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  13. scenestra

    This stuff is so pretty! I will grow it forever

  14. lamoureux.6697

    Grew these last year with my flowers and people would stop to comment on the basil instead of the flowers. Has a stronger taste then the Italian basil. Will grow every year.

  15. littlebaygoat

    Beautiful coloring on the leaves. Tastes very similar to the green basil.

  16. corinnemnilsen

    Beautiful color and the smell is wonderful. I made a pesto with 50% dark opal and 50% large leaf basil and it was great!

  17. happytimesahead23

    Amazing flavor, easy to grow

  18. mythreelittlekitties

    Very nice, let some go to seed for seed harvesting.

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