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  1. Christy

    I love these so far! I have 3 plants that are vining up the frame of my old greenhouse that I’m using as a trellis for them. The leaves are huge and dark green. They are covered with beneficial bugs that are keeping them well pollinated even though we don’t have many honey bees here. I can’t wait to see how many luffas I get from the 3 plants.

  2. hannah pritchard

    Awesome! 10 out of 11 sprouted and are doing great!

  3. Michelle McGuire

    Vined all over my fence and was very productive with a lot of organic matter.

  4. fwmilmo

    Very prolific and easy to grow vine. Grow in warmer weather. Let the luffa grow all season and dry in the vine. Mine are already over 18 inches long!

  5. RunesOfGaia

    I grew MIG luffas this year and had HUGE success with them. {more than many other varieties & vender’s versions} I used a 10 foot market umbrella pole planted in dirt & just threw some chicken wire over the top & wired the sides closed in a few spots, planted the seeds around the hole thing. Today is November 17th and my sponges are still growing like mad with lots of new ones starting every day! I did send some pix to MIG about a month ago to show them my 8-10 foot tall vines full of flowers & sponges. Not sure how many seed germinated {I live in the Ca desert and spring lasts about a week & then it heats up so we plant fast & don’t stop to look at what’s up til we’re done planting} but I think I planted around 10 seeds, I have harvested at least 35 sponges so far! I also decided that I wanted a screen in front of a bedroom window to block the sun about 6 weeks ago, I just cut the ends off some of the vines about a foot long & stuck them in a jar of water, they rooted in about a week & I planted them on chix wire hooked to my eaves in front of the double window, in 3 weeks they covered it & were full of small sponges. I am hoping they all mature before our winds kick up but I am more than happy with the plants & sponges & tons of seed that I am now sharing with everyone. I know they are edible when small but I have never tasted them, has anyone out there eaten them? If so, what do they taste like? I have heard them called “climbing okra” in some Asian cultures.

  6. DeirdrePsalms1151

    This was my first year with gourds. I transplanted about 3 and watched the plant take off. It took quite a while for them to produce but, that was probably my fault. I plan to have them grow on a perimeter fence the next time I grow them.

  7. lori.m.greco

    We had the funnest time growing these! Plants got to be about 20+ feet long so make sure you have the room! Also we noticed they were slow to get going. We started the seeds indoors about February and then transplanted outside in June. We used biodegradable paper pots and when they roots were growing through, we would just plant up in a bigger paper pot. If we didn’t do this, we noticed the roots didn’t like being disturbed so we had a much better translating rate this way.

  8. meetapat817

    Good germination. Once the vine gets going it is beautiful. I have one plant that is growing like crazy with lots of flowers and attracting lots of bees but has not produced any gourds. I will start my plants a little earlier in the year and get them into the ground sooner next year. Hopefully I will see some gourds soon

  9. kcopel

    Zone 7b All of my seed germinated that I planted. The vine grew on a trellis, flowered and bees loved it but no fruit. The hotter the season became the more it seemed to struggle to stay alive. I did plant in a long container and that may have been the issue. Next year I will grow in the ground. I have a feeling it will do better. I will not do these in a container again and see how growing in the ground will do.

  10. Valerie Howden

    all of the seeds germinated and the vines were everywhere. 3 plants with tons of flowers however in the beginning they were only female and then after 3 fruit were fertilized, they only produced male flowers. the bees loved it but I was looking forward to more fruit. got cold too quickly for the fruit to fully mature but they were great to watch. next year will be trial #2! In zone 2b so I really do have a short growing season.

  11. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  12. scenestra

    I want to love these, but I have failed to launch twice now. Got a few left and I’m hoping I can learn from my mistakes of the past

  13. sk8nfight

    Alot of fun to grow. Be aware these do need a long growing season. I know it says 80 days to maturity but count on longer. Like closer to 110 or more depending on your zone. 15 foot and longer vines that have strong and long tendrils that make these great for growing on a trellis, which I highly recommend or they will take over your ground space. The male flowers appear in clusters which will have about one flower on the cluster bloom each day which is great for making sure there will be a male to pollinate everytime I female flower appears. Gourds grow really fast once pollinated. Can dry off the vine when mature for sponges but found the skin comes off a little better if you leave it on the vine until the skin is yellow and ready to come off for this purpose. Can also be eaten when in younger stages.

  14. irisheyes006

    I really did not think I was going to have success with Luffa gourds, due to my cooler climate of the north east. Boy was I wrong! Four hearty plants produced over 50 2-3 foot-long gourds of the best quality. I was able to dry and store them. They became homemade soap as gifts for the holidays. Everyone is already asking me for more. Excellent quality seed grown in challenging circumstances. Gardeners hint: have extensive support as the vines are very vigorous. Mine grew up, over, and around my chicken coop.

  15. Suzette Sharp

    The luffa vines grew incredibly beautiful! The bees love the constantly blooming flowers and we had a great harvest with only about 5 plants!

  16. jcruz091790

    100% germination, grows well and showing fruits already even with my newly made bed, which is still poor quality as of the moment but still flourishes and loves our climate here in the Philippines. Check my Shopee and FB page @ Piso Garden ^_^

  17. shelltherunner

    These take a long time to mature so I recommend starting them early. The flowers are pretty and having my own homemade sponges.

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