9 reviews for Gold Nuggets Tomato

  1. evaschmitt1996

    I planted these gold nuggets in my garden last year in Alberta and they were very juicy and tasty. Thank you.

  2. sys881218

    The Gold Nuggets were the first to produce and the first to ripen in the garden. However it is also the first to be diseased. Out of about the 20 different varieties of tomatoes I have in my garden, this one looks the worst, I’m just not sure what is going on with it. The tomatoes aren’t as sweet as expected from a yellow tomato. I don’t think I will grow it again in the near future just because I’d rather give the space to another type of tomato with better flavors.

  3. nire81

    Always reliable. Germinates well. Tastes good. Grows like a vine so give it space and support. Tends to look rough by the end of the season. I’ve done a second planting of these in July (because they grow so vigorously) and get a nice new crop of tomatoes until frost.

  4. dontsmashthebug

    These were my favorite tomatoes of the season! I grew 72 different varieties. I grew this particular one in a 7 gallon plastic pot in the Spring. It was the first to fruit (1 month before everything else). The flavor of these is incredible. Super sweet and delicious! The flavor is close to a yellow pear but the skin is a little tougher. I will definitely grow more of these next year.

  5. avy1976

    Prolific and delicious, I’ve never had this variety that didn’t grow well. Once of my must haves every year.

  6. Joseph

    These were very prolific and the flavor profile was amazing! Will grow again for sure!

  7. kjdjworks

    Hundreds of fruits on these plants Very sweet and about the size of a quarter

  8. justinoffutt

    I planted these for the second year in a row.
    I only did one the first year – planted in the ground and it didn’t do great. (most likely on me).
    Last year, I started several, gave some away and planted 2 in grow bags.
    They produced incredibly last year. I think I gave away more than we kept and ate as a family.
    Huge producers, great flavor. Perfect for a container plant as they are very compact.

  9. shawnlosey12

    Gold Nuggets were the first to ripen out of 25 tomato varieties. Flavor was very sweet everyone loved them. Unlike sun golds these never cracked. They are very prolific and vines stay a manageable size. Will be planting again.

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