9 reviews for Sold out for 2021: Persian Star (hardneck) Garlic *rare*

  1. jakehunter54

    First time planting garlic last year and i planted this variety and a couple other ones and i mulched them over winter and come spring they sprouted right up and by july i had garlic ready to cure very pleased

  2. josephmajora

    Love these garlics, contrary to the what everybody says, I found that these hardneck garlic store way much better than softneck.

  3. mike70lee63

    Beautifully colored bulbs. No issues with shriveled bulbs like on other websites. Planted in late September (northern Ohio). Sprouted about 5-6” stems by the time of the first snowfall.

  4. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  5. ourlife767

    love .

  6. shelltherunner

    This was my personal favorite. I loved the flavor and the color is so pretty!

  7. evno3000

    Great garlic!

  8. damnitgirlmn

    I planted about 10 varieties this season. Persian star was one of the better preformed ones. Will be making it in my garden this fall for a second try.

  9. christiethomas311

    Last Fall was my first time planting garlic. I purchased this and one other variety on there and it worked out perfect! I think I had all of them come up and was able to harvest all of it! So happy with it.

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