13 reviews for Sold out for 2021: German Extra Hardy (Hardneck) Garlic

  1. kwhipple01

    Planted this last fall even the smaller bulbs because why not we paid good money for that stuff! And it all came up in the spring, harvested in July a beautiful crop of garlic! Want to get more this year for a bigger harvest next year !!

  2. sharon.reinke

    Planted last fall and harvested in July. Great crop, looking forward to getting more to plant this fall.

  3. kcopel

    Zone 7b The bulbs were much smaller than I expected. They are still good but were small. I may need to work with my soil this year and see if that could have been my issue. I am trying it again to see how it works.

  4. jakehunter54

    Planted in fall sprouted in spring and harvested in the summer this variety grew the biggest bulb ever 3 inches across very pleased

  5. tarkeshrm

    small size bulbs 🙁 out of 5 bulbs i ordered, 3 were less than 1.6inches in diameter (NOT SEED GARLIC), 2 were barely 2 inches.
    German extra hardy garlic are easiest to grow and usually are pretty large in size..so the bulbs i received were very average or culinary garlic and definitely not seed garlic.

  6. mike70lee63

    Beautiful enormous cloves. No issues with shriveled bulbs like on other websites. Planted in late September (northern Ohio). Sprouted about 5-6” stems by the time of the first snowfall. Cant wait to See what July holds.

  7. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  8. shelltherunner

    Easy to grow. We planted in the fall and harvested in June. Great flavor.

  9. evno3000

    Great garlic!

  10. kyle.lessman

    I ordered on bulb of this variety and currently have 7 new bulbs growing. Can’t wait to see what harvest time brings!

  11. christiethomas311

    Planted this last Fall (in Ohio) and it all came up and I harvested all of it! Wonderful and delicious, thank you!

  12. wardenjtkj

    This is the first variety we ever attempted to grow. We live in Northern Michigan and I timed everything about 2 weeks after MIgardener. Even though I think I harvested a little early, the output was still fantastic. Nice and spicy, loads of deep garlic flavor. Scapes are great as well! We ordered again for this year along with a softneck variety. I think this will be our staple hardneck variety… even being a rookie, I wasn’t able to mess it up. Hoping to grow enough this time to have enough for planting next year. Very satisfied.

  13. melissa.krat

    Bummed I didn’t order this in time for fall and it is now out of stock! But was a good garlic.

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