6 reviews for Sold out for 2021: Duganski (Hardneck) Garlic

  1. sert1

    garlic had brown spots and few had mold kind of substance. I’ll update if I get any success. I’m in zone 9b.

  2. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  3. ourlife767


  4. srlb84

    Got one head of garlic that had 12 cloves. One was rotten but the other 11 have grown well all winter since I planted them in late october. They seem to be going strong and should be ready to harvest in the summer.

  5. evno3000

    Great garlic!

  6. jmungia

    Ordered 3 bulbs. Planted all. All sprouted. Some of the most beautiful garlic I have ever seen. Easy to grow and tastes amazing!

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