13 reviews for Limited Quantity 2021: Chesnok Red – Purple Stripe (Hardneck) Garlic

  1. Shalese Johnson

    It is growing perfectly since fall 2019, if I couls submit a picture it would tell it all, great product and will keep coming back

  2. deanjewell

    These did very good for me this year, I was impressed.. I will be buying them again..

  3. Amber Salazar

    Very pretty, hardy and great tasting. I will be buying more this year.

  4. jakehunter54

    Stayed alive over winter and sprouted in the spring and harvested in the summer big bulbs very happy

  5. mike70lee63

    Beautifully colored bulbs. No issues with shriveled bulbs like on other websites. Planted in late September (northern Ohio). Sprouted about 5-6” stems by the time of the first snowfall. Cant wait to harvest and taste them.

  6. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  7. josephmajora

    Able to grow this perfectly last year. I have saved some bulbs and will try to grow again this year.

  8. shelltherunner

    This was the family favorite! Easy to grow and great flavor.

  9. evno3000

    Great garlic!

  10. jeffgloe

    I have not grown this yet but received my garlic seed from MIGardener. The garlic heads and cloves are pretty small to be considered seed. This is true for all of the different varieties I bought.

  11. awizard.amy

    First year growing garlic, can’t wait for the harvest!

  12. melissa.krat

    Grew then last year, forgot to save some seed. Gonna get again this year. They are a unique and fairly easy to grow garlic.

  13. Brian Batton

    Garlic arrived on time with an extra head in it and healthy bulbs! Excited to plant

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