8 reviews for Frisee Endive

  1. hjhumphrey17

    I had pretty good germination with these guys and it was the end of May when I planted these (way too hot for my region!). The flavor was quite bitter given the heat, but I am really excited to try these later in season. Very frilly and fun in salads.

  2. Valerie Howden

    great germination and growth. not bolting with 2 weeks of hot humid days and nights like my other leaf lettuces.

  3. andthenamethatsatonhimwasdeath

    Great germination and very prolific! We’ve grown with these seeds for a couple years with great success!

  4. ourlife767

    Makes a great addition to your salad

  5. phernand

    Some of the best greens I have ever grown!! Delicious and still mild in April. Grows fast with little care.

  6. evno3000

    These were great!

  7. dangjialiang

    Produced very well in early Spring, also great germination

  8. heidi_holzmaier

    Great germination rate. Tolerates cooler temperatures very well. Please give it plenty of space to grow. I did not thin mine properly otherwise I would have bigger heads. Planted again in my fall garden.

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