14 reviews for Turkish Orange Eggplant

  1. Fernando Milmo

    A very prolific Eggplant. I grew my plant in a 5 gallon bucket. Ended up producing several dozen eggplants ranging in size from 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Oh, don’t let the name fool you, this Eggplant is a native of West Africa, not the country of Turkey. Flavor is milder than store-bought purple eggplants. It’s good in curry or stews.

  2. fwmilmo

    Grew mine in a 5 gallon bucket. I was not a big fan of the flavor. However, I did notice that it’s a good deterring plant for Tomato bugs so I may grow again as a sacrificial plant.

  3. wyeventer

    Have had zero luck germinating these. I put in seed starting mix on a heating mat under grow lights. Nothing has surfaced in 3 weeks. I think my seeds are duds

  4. bladeddragon

    Excellent germination for this product. almost 100%. They are only small now and I have questions about all the holes in the leaves without any sign of insects. I’ll monitor and let you all know.

  5. grb

    Could not get those eggplant to germinate. I tried many different ways and successfully germinated other types of eggplant but no luck with those Turkish eggplant seeds.

  6. sharonfitz71

    I totally failed with this one. I was direct sowing in zone 7a so maybe my timing was off.. if I’m being completely honest it is probably my lack of gardening experience versus the seeds/plant. I am going to try again because I can only do better.

  7. josephmajora

    It did not produce at all.

  8. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  9. evno3000

    10/10 Great

  10. ilfstara

    Plants grew great, were very productive, but always bitter. I picked at multiple stages. Almost fully grown green, fully grown green, just starting to change color, moderately changed, heavily changed, full orange. Bitter and unpleasant every time. Maybe it’s just me, but won’t be growing again. I know they are bitter when orange, but at lest they’re attractive.

  11. kalauing

    Seeds look good. Super excited to try this one out. Thanks MIgardener!

  12. ourlife767

    Germination want that good

  13. ourlife767


  14. windburn.dm

    I started these indoors with a heatmat and light. Good germination. I planted some in my flower border as they are quite striking when the fruit turns orange.
    I also planted some in my veg garden and learned quickly that you need to pick them before they turn orange if you want to eat them. I found them extremely bitter once they turned orange.
    I had many 1-2″ fruits. The plants seemed to produce well if they were harvested often.

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