20 reviews for Crackerjack Marigold Mix

  1. James

    Very bright flowers. They do great in the sun, and barely need to be watered. Love these flowers!

  2. Pawat Seritrakul

    Very easy to grow and productive plants. Mine are still flowering and producing seeds in November in Pennsylvania. The flowers look a bit different than what’s shown in the pic, but still look red with yellow border.

  3. peter.smagacz

    Seeds germinated quickly and grew into a lovely border hedge in the garden. Flowers are vibrant and plants are strong even growing with strong competition from native wetland/prairie plants surrounding them.

  4. vikkilweaver

    These are such a strong growing prolific marigold variety. They germinate quickly and grow vigorously once given proper space. I have one plant, from one seed in a 10 inch pot and it is HUGE. There has to be well over 20 blossoms on the plant already and it’s not even 2 months old. I have since planted several more in other places that are also going well and plan to plant more. I will definitely be collecting seeds and buying more.

  5. kk533

    these are silly easy to grow all i did was take a 8″ pot toss in some cheap big box store generic potting mix that i normally only use as cover soil for my carrot seed in the garden into a pot stick a couple seeds in it and water. when the seeds came up i thinned to one plant fertilized once a month with a some fish emulsion in a 2l pop bottle mixed to about 2% nitrogen and just watered with that once a month grew beautiful flowers going to try direct seeding some in the ground along my fence this year.

  6. amybreland02

    Great germination rate ande these plants were beautiful! Almost 3 feet tall by the end of the season. They did require some staking and tying to keep up right. Looooaaads of blooms. 9b texas growing zone

  7. natalie.hemlick

    Did not realize these would be 3-4 ft tall – my front yard is a massive marigold bush! They are packed with blooms. Some plants are orange, some are dark yellow. Some of the plants have multi-layered petals, as shown in the photos, but there are also some plants with less-full flowers and only one set of petals. Many of the plants did topple over in heavy winds/rain and had to be staked up. I also used a lot of the petals for natural dying, which worked very well. Best of all, deer/groundhogs/turkeys have not touched them.

  8. jakehunter54

    These flowers were very impressive it grew like a bush and had flowers everywhere

  9. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  10. scenestra

    Great germination, lots of flowers, and lots of seeds! I loved these and will have them for years to come from the seeds I got from them

  11. evno3000

    10/10 Great

  12. jeffrey.woodman

    So far I am incredibly impressed by, and pleased with my MIgardener experience. The whole experience from shopping to ordering to receiving has exceeded my expectations. Seed selection is amazing. The price is unbeatable. Communication from the company is timely and accurate. My order was received in less time than anticipated, which was already pretty short. The seed packets are beautifully designed; simple, yet sophisticated. I don’t think I could ask for anything more from my experience.

    These marigolds were 3,000% better than the plants I bought from the local nursery. The seeds germinated quickly, and grew into large, healthy plants. I was not prepared for how big the plants would get. They grew to be a little more than 3 feet tall. I wanted short, bushy mounds bordering my vegetable beds, but I didn’t pinch them back fast enough. Oh well. All the plants were prolific bloomers, and kept on producing beautiful blooms all season long. Highly recommended. Thanks, MIgardener!

  13. homewithkandb

    Excellent germination. Last year’s seeds grew into 4ft tall tree-like varities. I’m hoping this year’s will be the small plants with large flowers, as crackerjack should be

  14. justineoliverosjco

    Germination was great my marigolds are almost mature. It will be a beautiful pop of color to my garden and also beneficial for deterring pest yay

  15. Ella Cavanagh

    I planted the seeds and within a few days they germinated and sprouted above the soil and are already growing steadily! I’m very happy with the results so far and will probably be buying more of these seeds again!

  16. brodbeck314

    I seeded these this last spring. They all germinated as far as I could tell. I planted them around my garden, I did not realize how HUGE they were going to get! I love it! I’d say they are roughly 3.5 feet and bush out almost 1.5-2 feet. They seem to be quite drought resistance as well as hearty.

  17. E V

    Love, Love LOVE!!! I grew this variety from seed for the first time this year, it started slow and was puny, it is now a show stopper and massive. It is such a lovely pop of color in the bed and bounces back from hail damage.

  18. justineoliverosjco

    I purchased three packets of marigolds to deter pest but in my garden not a single plant out of three packets. It did germinate and started to sprout a bit but never fully formed any flowers

  19. lamoureux.6697

    Planted these in the front with my peppers and added colour. Flowered all summer

  20. julianacupcakesin

    Germinated well, but I didnt get any flowers that bloomed.

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