19 reviews for Jewel Mix Nasturtium

  1. James

    Great germination rate, great plants. Love the flowers.

  2. fwmilmo

    Great germination, pretty flowers.

  3. his_hers_theres

    Great for pots and baskets since it’s a trailer (semi vining) looks so pretty and tastes nice, I have 100 percent germination so for .99 they are a steal of a deal filled out my pots for just a buck

  4. letournelsoraya

    Great germination lots of flowers and leaves

  5. mimolsita

    Beautiful plants, 100% germination rate.

  6. meetapat817

    Good germination. Beautiful flowers. Didn’t do well in heat but thriving in the spots with more shade. Will definitely plant again. Just waiting for the seeds to be back in stock again.

  7. blueagainlikemorning

    Looks and tastes like nasturtium 🙂 Hardy plants, colorful and delicious!

  8. hulton1985

    Great flowers! Super easy to grow and my kids love eating them. They are great in a salad and look beautiful wrapped under the wrapper of a fresh spring roll! I didn’t have problems with bugs getting them either! Highly recommend!!

  9. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  10. evno3000

    10/10 Great

  11. scenestra

    Gorgeous healthy tenacious and productive

  12. tr.amythanh18

    These were a beautiful and lovely addition to my garden! I don’t really like the taste of them, it’s just not for me, but I love looking at them (: they were also a great trap crop. I noticed cabbage worms really liked my nasturtium more than they liked my brassicas. Overall, great experience with these!

  13. brianna.shipley

    These were pretty flowers. It was my first time growing these and they did ok but sense I was new to them I think I planted them in to much shade and so they didn’t grow as well as they could of. But for being neglected and plased in a more shaded spot they still grew pretty good despite my mistakes.

  14. maggiemaymcevoy

    love migardener seeds!

  15. shelltherunner

    Easy to germinate and grow. I love the color and they make a tasty addition to salads!

  16. femichic2

    Zone 9
    Good germination and they produce such beautiful flowers!

  17. kyle.lessman

    Awesome plants. Beautiful and tasty – spicy/peppery similar to a radish. I love the different colors. Leaves are larger than I anticipated – many 3-4 inches across.

  18. lamoureux.6697

    The easiest seeds to grow. Beautiful flowers. Love to just eat off the plant or Add to salads

  19. Amy White

    Good germination and pretty plants. My only hesitation would be some varieties get HUGE (3-4 feet in diameter) and some stay small (1 foot). This may have been due to differences in soil and light conditions in my garden or may be due to differences in the varieties. I think in the future I’d buy just one variety so I knew how much space to allocate for it.

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