5 reviews for Early Cascade Tomato

  1. deanjewell

    Not bad, but not great either… They produced well but small (3″ did) and just not what I was looking for..

  2. mrsjclifton

    These were first to ripen and just keep producing so many beautiful juicy flavorful fruit. Very happy.

  3. bouncerdjwife

    I love early tomatoes. They are some of my hairs and a favorites as well. They are prolific and sprout so fast. This tomato lasts a long time before the plants die back. Since my growing season is so long (200+ days) I can get away with a second planting and harvest of tomatoes so I have them year round. These require almost no care other than watering and a fertilizer once or twice a year. So easy to grow

  4. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  5. ourlife767

    i loved these, great flavor.

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