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  1. karenv4242

    Cucuzzi is a very good tasting squash that needs to be trellised. Pick when 7-8 inches long. Seeds were hard to germinate until I realized they don’t like to be wet. So put them in soil and water thoroughly. Let dry out completely before giving them any more water, then let them dry out completely again. The seeds will rot if they are kept moist. Water the plant as you do other plants once it has sprouted. The plants have the most beautiful flowers and it loves to vine.

  2. blueagainlikemorning

    The vine grew beautifully, the squash has a really unique flavor! We like it cooked into stir fries, where it has a tiny bit of a sour kick, and cooks up fairly similarly to zucchini, but more flavorful! Slightly susceptible to powdery mildew if you’re in a wet place, so keep an eye on it.

  3. erikabreslin

    Once you get this to germinate, this plant is SO hardy. Through the heat, through the bitter cold, even through the daily constant rain in the PNW. The slugs won’t eat it, and I never even had to spray the leaves for mildew. *Tip to germinate: scarify the seeds prior to planting.
    You should trellis it, but you don’t have to. But be prepared. This plants grows longer and more expansive than any pumpkin plants I have! Two plants completely took over an arched trellis, and kept climbing forward towards other beds. The squash is yummy, and lasts on the counter for at least a couple of weeks if grown 12″+.

  4. evanrahaman

    These squash look really cool and they grow really well

  5. scenestra

    OMG these things are productive and the plants are HUGE! I am so happy with these on my trellis up the sides of the trailer! Blocked the sun (as intended), and I’m pretty sure the birds got some that made it to the roof, and its very possible these will sprout up all over the neighborhood next year lol

  6. ilukephotography

    Quite an unusual but awesome variety of squash.

  7. ourlife767

    Huge squash

  8. blueagainlikemorning

    These are fun to grow, long fruits are great in stir fries as a squash substitute. They love to climb. They are susceptible to powdery mildew.

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