10 reviews for Wisconsin SMR Pickling Cucumber

  1. Ethan

    have grown these in previous years and they are terrific for fresh eating, but also for quick pickling. vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper boiled then poured over these cucumbers sliced in jars with fresh dill. good for 2-3 wks. YUM

  2. Darren Lind

    easy to grow and nice germination

  3. dehaanremodeling

    Easy to grow, very prolific. Transplanted mid may and was picking cukes by late June. Zone 6a

  4. shl_eby

    I had a great germination rate with these seeds and my plants are doing well!! I will be making pickles soon!

  5. shl_eby

    My plants are doing well!! I will be making pickles soon!

  6. melindamarsh2001

    makes a good container cucumber. need to keep an eye on them because they explode with fruits quickly.

  7. sunshineshopgirl

    I ordered and grew these during 2020. I was very pleased. Seeds germinated well, plants were productive and cucumbers tasted great! I grew them on a fence and that served them well.

  8. evanrahaman

    These are great!

  9. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  10. evno3000

    These are great!

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