9 reviews for Straight 8 Cucumber

  1. Joe Koslowski

    I love giving Cucumbers out to family and friends and this cucumber was a HUGE HIT My wife wanted to start a farm after I grew so many of them

  2. Doug

    These grew well for me in NE Ohio. Last year’s crop lasted well into July. Excellent raw, on sandwiches, or in salads.

  3. luanne2010

    Straight 8 has always been my go to cuke. However I find myself branching out this spring due to the fact that by end of July powdery mildew is just too much to combat. My plan this year us to grow several different varieties with the straight eights and pull them before the powdery mildew starts. This way I get the cukes Ive always loved & get to expand my horizons!

  4. Valerie Howden

    first year wasn’t successful but last year had lots of fruit with great taste when harvested small (under 6 inches). this year the growth has been rapid so I hope to see flowers soon. planted 2 weeks later than usual but catching up.

  5. lyonsashley267

    easy to grow and tasty

  6. loganwayne88

    My All time favorite cucumber variety! huge yields, stay on top of them or they’ll bury you in cucumbers. powdery mildew is a problem but if you trellis them they will do much better.

  7. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  8. evno3000

    These are great!

  9. bkjulia804

    These are great. Very tasty and grow good.

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