10 reviews for Spacemaster 80 Cucumber

  1. Waileng Wong

    I am from Malaysia (USDA zone 14) I have planted 2 seeds (one on 24 December 2015 and one on 24 January 2016). BOTH seeds sprouted and are growing fairly well in this hot and humid climate. The one from December has not flower yet and I am very excited at how fast it grows!

  2. Tara Santiago

    We had great success with these cucumbers. We started our seeds indoors and had 100% germination. I am in zone 6a and we had cucumbers growing through September.

    They have a wonderful crunch and mild taste, and produced a moderately heavy crop.

  3. Darren Lind

    great germination outdoors in low tunnels in mn

  4. Jonathon Kurth

    This cucumber variety handled the scorching Southern California sun like a champ and was a prolific producer. I just put up 80% shade on days over 90 degrees and it was able to make it through the summer with no problem.

  5. jonathandchernandez

    Great germination some seedlings died but that was my fault it was a little too cold for them but seem to be growing very well now

  6. miunikee

    Great germination! Started seeds indoors and they transplanted to containers very well. The taste is pretty mild and the crunch is perfect. We will definitely continue to grow this cucumber in our garden.

  7. lyonsashley267

    I will plant it again. Good germination

  8. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  9. evno3000

    These are great!

  10. lamoureux.6697

    I grow these every year very compact plant easy to add to deck or front yard. Makes good pickles but usually we just grab one to eat before we start to work in the garden.

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