9 reviews for Marketmore 76 Cucumber

  1. Karl Stadtler

    Great tasting cucumbers on vines. Very crisp, slightly sweet and dripping with water. What a summer cucumber off the vine should be! On the smaller side but I like that because it puts out more cucumbers, plus it is not as big as a deal if you lose one to animals or insects. I will definitely grow these again.

    These also transplanted decently from indoor starts after being hardened properly.

  2. Tara Santiago

    This was our best producing cucumbers for the 2016 season, had excellent germination and super hardy plants that produced consistently.

  3. dana.price

    Excellent cucumber.. never got bitter, even when I let them get too large. I’ll grow these every year from now on.

  4. Jonathon Kurth

    Unfortunately, Marketmore 76 never took off for me. After multiple failed attempts, the Marketmore 76 plants always appeared stunted and never gave any fruit. Oddly enough, the Spacemaster 80 variety took off and was so prolific that each plant was producing a cucumber at least once a day at one point.

  5. Tabatha Akers

    These did great for us. Large harvest and delicious. We will definitely be growing these again in 2019.

  6. Catherine Lake

    Great tasting cucumber, crisp with no bitterness. I got 100% germination, wish I’d planted more as we didn’t get a good harvest due to late planting, poor pollination, and some exceptionally clumsy contractors who trampled several vines. I’ll definitely be planting these again next year.

  7. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  8. evno3000

    These are great!

  9. lamoureux.6697

    These are my husband favourite. This is a good basic regular cucumber we grow it every year. Very hardy to diseases.

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